American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institue

North Carolina Comprehensive Cancer Program

Cancer Information Services - National Cancer Institute

Carolina Community Network

National Black Leadership Initiative of Cancer III (Atlanta, GA)

Palmetto Baptist Hospital (Columbia, SC)

Prostate Cancer Coalition of NC

Duke University - Partnership for Wellness in Durham, NC

Duke Health Initiative and Duke Health Disparities Advisory Committee in Durham (Durham)

Mary Parkum Hospital in Henderson (Vance and Warren Counties)

Hertford County Health Department in Ahoskie (Hertford plus the possibility of 18 other counties)

Onslow County Prostate Cancer Survivor Group in Jacksonville (Onslow)

Dr. Lisa Campbell - East Carolina University in Greenville (Pitt)

Dr. Leroy Dukes and Rex Senior Center in Raleigh (Wake) and the Minority Prostate CancerĀ 
Action Team

Education Network to Advance Clinical Trials (ENACCT) - UNC

Medical University of South Carolina - Stroke Elimination Initiative

Citizens Concerned about Cancer (Orlando, FL)

Gimme Ads Concepts (Charleston, SC)