A new initiative being introduced in the Fall of 2011 takes advantage of the more than 50 years of collective tobacco control experience of the Director and Advisory Board members of BMHI. The objective is to decrease the smoking rates of men who currently smoke more than any other segment of the Black population. The program will be facilitated by providing men with CDC’s Pathways to Freedom smoking cessation guide, educating them about the dangers of smoking, and encouraging them to build their personal support network to quit using the same barbershop locations used for our prostate health outreach. Any man (including barbers) that self-identify as a ‘current smoker’ (smoking more than 10 cigarettes within the past 7 days) will be given a guide, scheduled for an education session, then contacted at 1 month and 3 months post-education to see if he: a) is still smoking, b) has decreased smoking, c) has set a target quit date, or d) has quit smoking. Educational sessions will be conducted at either the barbershop or a community setting recommended by the barbershop. Note: Several BMHI members are involved with the creation of an updated DVD version of Pathways with Dr. Monica Webb-Hopper at the University of Miami, Florida via a NIH grant. Once completed and field tested, the Pathways DVD will be disseminated to shops with identified smokers and played during a weekly/ monthly “health hour” specifically designed to educate patrons about the harmful effects of smoking. At these “health hour” education sessions (to be conducted by BMHI until the DVD is available), smokers will agree to follow-up reporting regarding their stage and/or readiness to quit, and be referred to the local quitline and/or cessation programs.